Tournament of the Terrible

It's sort of a shock seeing a headline like WORLD'S WORST IN ACTION IN CONCACAF QUALIFYING but at the same time, well, the truth is the truth.

Jack Warner - the man who thinks that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland don't each deserve their own team - needs to maintain the fantasy that there really are 42 viable "countries" in CONCACAF, so we're treated to the likes of Montserrat, a "country" whose capital was completely buried under volcanic lava ten years ago and whose players have mostly emigrated elsewhere, playing Suriname, which is in reality part of the Netherlands.

Jack himself will play host for the game in T & T since neither place has a single acceptable soccer field.

Anguilla, meanwhile, will be working on overcoming a 12 goal deficit on the home leg against El Salvador. And Aruba, which hasn't won a game in eight years, will use local amateur players in an effort to beat Antigua for the right to play defection-decimated Cuba.

I'm all for the little guys, the underdogs and the fact that even tiny no-hope nations can momentarily be a part of the greatest sporting event in the world. It's one of the really great things about the World Cup.

But there's maybe a little too much of it in CONCACAF, and it's made particularly embarrassing when we all know that it's not being done to nurture the dreams of the midgets but rather to help legitimize the power of the leadership.