Of Sounders and Stinking Onions

Seattle soccer fans are in a particularly feisty mood over the naming process for their soon-to-be MLS team.

In a typical MLS-style burst of phony-baloney "we love our fans" PR, the suits are putting the name to a vote. Unfortunately, as suits tend to do, they've decided in advance just what you're allowed to vote for. "Democracy is a great thing, but let's not get too carried away here" is the motto of the day.

The fans are having none of it. IN A NEW POST INTELLIGENCER POLL fully 75% of fans stated a preference for "Sounders". Only one other choice ("FC") even managed to beat out "none of the above".

Now, the sensible thing for the stiffs in charge would be to score some PR points by announcing that they're bending to the will of their fans and going with Sounders.

But down here in Realityland, the dim bulbs with bright and shiny new "Sports Marketing" degrees hanging on their walls will of course insist that whatever name comes out on top was "chosen by the fans".

Even if the "fans" have made it crystal clear that they want something else.

TAKE A SECOND AND HELP THEM OUT. You'll feel good about it.

The Seattle thing IS ENOUGH TO MAKE A GUY WANT TO VOTE in the on line poll for the name of the new Chicago professional women's league team, just to see Peter Wilt out marketing "The Stinking Onions"

Still, if anyone can make something out of that one, my money would be on Peter.