Saturday AM Jack

On the road for the weekend but I just had to check in with our man Jack Warner and, well, the fun just never stops.

Today he's quoted in THE TRINIDAD EXPRESS expressing his moral outrage at the fact that T&T is purchasing a private jet for the personal use of the PM, Patrick Manning.

He points out that neither the PM of Canada nor the PM of "England" (evidently consusing the soccer team with the country) has a personal aircraft. I'll take his word for it, although I'm guessing they can come up with a Sopwith Camel or something for Gordon Brown when he needs to go someplace and, well, Steven Harper has enough problems at home and nobody wants to see him anyway)

What Jack apparently forgot was that while poobahs and potentates such as those don't have their own plane, his good pal Sepp Blatter does; a lovely Gulfstream V with full time crew;

But then as Babe Ruth said when told that he made more money than the President of the US, Calvin Coolidge, replied "Yeah, well, I had a better year"