"American Piped Music Monoculture"

In THIS PIECE FROM SPIKED-ONLINE UK commenter Duleep Allirajah talks about the creeping influence of America on British soccer atmosphere and, not surprisingly, he's not too thrilled:

...the money-fuelled regeneration of football in the last 15 years has seen an exponential increase in piped music, along with other wholly unnecessary forms of US-style razzmatazz, such as cheerleaders and furry mascots. Now we get loud piped music before the match, during the half-time interval and at the final whistle. It’s not just that the music is often awful. What’s really objectionable is that piped music pretty much drowns out any attempt by fans themselves to generate their own atmosphere.

MLS has certainly gotten better about this, although at the last USL1 match I was at the announcer kept hollering "STOMP YOUR FEET 'CAUSE IT SOUNDS SO SWEET" until all I wanted to do was stomp the announcer 'cause it would feel so good.

Still, I would hate to think that the USA's main contribution to world soccer was Gary Glitter doing Rock and Roll Part II.