Morning News

Reports this morning indicate that the Colorado Vapids are just about ready to announce the signing of FORWARD TAM MCMANUS from Dunfermline of the SPL to a four year deal.

It's not terribly Earth shattering news, and McManus is much more likely to help grease the skids under Fernando Clavijo than to make him look like the genius he knows he is, but damn: Tam McManus is a great, great soccer name.

Dan thinks he's got cute pictures to avoid front page spoilers, does he? Well that wolverine or springer spaniel or whatever it is he keeps plastering up there is nothing. You want cute? I'll give you cute:

So I hope that's enough of a firewall to prevent anyone out there who inexplicably Tivo'd the DCU/Harbourview match from seeing a reference to the fact that United kicked the ever-loving crap out of them. A really serious beat down it was.

It's not surprising that Luciano Emilio had two goals. It's pretty startling that Devon McTavish also had two. And it's just short of gob-smackingly stunning when Santino Quaranta looks like the second coming of Marco Etcheverry.

It may just be that Soehn has solved DC's depth issues, which is bad news for everyone else. That side has simply gotten worn down by the end of the season lately, and if he can run 16 or 17 deep they could end the season with a fifth star.

Toronto FC coach John Carver says that MLS HAS ONE OR TWO TEAMS WITH ONE OR TWO PLAYERS who are actually worth watching.

Note to Carver: While we all understand what you're trying to say here, most of us find ways around admitting that the league isn't terribly entertaining a lot of the time. We're all in this together, Sparky.

And, oh yes: enjoy Amado Guevara. Heh.

Despite what The People's Daily, everyone's favorite RED CHINESE GOVERNMENT-OWNED MEDIA OUTLET thinks, (yeah I know, it's a syndicated piece that's in half the papers on Earth today; how often do you read the Shanghai Daily?) David Beckham appears likely to get the call-up he so badly wants from England coach Fabio Capello, although we won't know for sure until sometime tomorrow.

This isn't the World Cup finals, it's an exhibition, and while Beckham isn't head-and-shoulders above everyone else any longer, in this case he's earned the right to toss past service onto the scales in his favor. And everything else aside, him hitting the pitch for the 100th time is great theater, something most friendlies sorely lack.

If Grahame Jones would stop writing good stuff for a few days I wouldn't have this dilemma about continuously linking to him, but he has ANOTHER INTERESTING DISCUSSION TODAY so I guess I'm stuck.

The question is MLS team names: apparently St Louis HAS STAKED OUT UNITED for itself, we don't need any more "Dynamos" and we can surely agree that "FC" is getting overused. Still, "AC" doesn't do much for me and "Inter" is about as pretentious as "Real", which - forgive me - is still just an awful name for a team in Salt Lake City.

Maybe we could just stop making up second rate imitations of European team names altogether and come up with something original. Now there's a thought.