"Becks: R U Sick of LA?"

So let me get this straight:

One of David Beckham's LA teammates SENT HIM A TEXT MESSAGE ASKING IF HE WAS UNHAPPY being with the Galaxy. Beckham is assuring everyone that he's just as happy as a pig in slop and isn't going anywhere, which is a great relief to all concerned.

If you think Becks coming to MLS was controversial, think of what would happen if he announced that this league badly sucks and he wants out. Besides, of course, the BigSoccer servers imploding from the traffic surge.

Whatever progress has been made in the US and World perception of MLS would go right down the drain as Euro-soccer purists joined arms with the American medias' soccer-hating yahoos in a happydance of glee that would make Mardi Gras look like the Romney campaign.

You'd have Jim Rome and Steven Cohen, stone drunk, dancing naked on a bar someplace. I wonder who'd lead.

I'm curious as to why someone you share a locker room with every day suddenly feels the need to taxt message you for information whcih would be headline news in every paper in the world tomorrow morning.

But beyond that, and put aside the question of how anyone connected with the Galaxy could not grasp the essential fact that Beckham doesn't operate that way, that he didn't come to the US on a lark and that it would not only be completely out of character but indeed suicidal to his image to start secretly whining and plotting his exit.

The real question inquiring minds have is just this: who WAS this teammate? I doubt if we're talking about Josh Tudela or Mike Randolph here. Can Sean Franklin even afford a cell phone?

Landon maybe, hoping against hope that this Limey spotlight stealer rides off into the sunset?