Monday Morning Jack, etc.

Jack Warner, Champion of Equality: the CONCACAF Greedbag-in-Chief has decided that his beloved home islands of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO WILL MAKE A BID to host the 2010 U-17 Women's World Championship.

Warner, speaking before the year end awards ceremony for T & T's women's programs said, without apparent irony that "Whoever bids against Trinidad and Tobago for 2010 will have a tough fight to win it...".

Undoubtedly so. Between his influence within FIFA and his "pay any bribe, punish any foe" philosophy, anyone else considering making a bid for the tournament would be well advised to go lay down until the impulse goes away.

It is notable, however, that T & T's "Special Advisor" (as he is now called) admits that he has has previously treated the T & T women's program "like an illegitimate child" but in a remarkable burst of 20th century thinking has decided that their women will be treated "like the men" instead of, presumably, like the housekeeping staff.

It's pretty rare when I find myself disagreeing with the inimitable GRAHAME JONES OF THE LA TIMES - mostly because I'm in awe of the guy - but I have to confess that his piece today observing that the Galaxy is "Short on Stars" seemingly misses the mark.

The Gals problem isn't that they're short of stars, but rather that they have more stars than they- or anyone else in MLS - can afford. Particularly since they already had the two biggest luminaries in the league, it's hard to figure out what Panayotis Lalas was thinking when he chose to take the plunge for Ruiz.

Then again, it's hard to figure out what Jason Kreis has in mind either; he's stockpiled an impressive bunch of central midfielders at RSL, guys like Beckerman, Morales, Kovalenko, Cordoba (the new Argentine signing) Sturgis, Williams and Talley, but has nobody to run the outside lines and not much of anybody up top for them to serve.

RSL has gotten terrific support from their fans over their brief existence, but you have to believe that their patience isn't endless. Last year was a complete disaster, bordering at times on farce, and to their credit nobody's holding that against them. But it's time they stepped it up.

Former New England Revolution stalwart ANDY DORMAN IS GETTING RAVE REVIEWS IN SCOTLAND. So much so that they're already worrying about losing him in a big money swoop from one of the bigger fish:

"We'll have a job on our hands trying to keep Andy at the end of the season...If he keeps playing well there will be loads of teams looking at him."

Meanwhile, north of the border, THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS IN TORONTO with the Toronto Star going so far as to suggest that, with ticket sales and demand even stronger than last year, TFC has no real incentive to do much about improving their woeful lack of scoring.

It's really unlikely though that Mo is sitting back saying "screw it - as long as these Bozos keep stepping up to the window, what do I care about wins and losses?" but it's true that they've had a puzzling lack of success in the player acquisition department. For TFC's sake, I hope Johnston is simply holding his cards close to his vest, but time is running short.

When Sigi Schmid signed on with the Crew, part of the agreement was that he was to have complete control over all player personnel decisions. He even remarked, somewhat churlishly, that he "doesn't tell (GM) Mark McCullers who to hire to sell tickets, and Mark doesn't tell me who to put on the roster".

As Sigi is discovering though, that kind of a deal can be a double-edged sword, because if things go sour there's nobody else to share the blame.

So while McCullers is performing near-miracles by actually increasing season ticket sales for the crappy team Sigi keeps putting out there, the seat is getting a little warm for the Round Mound of Coaching.

What's interesting is that after four months of one failed negotiation after another with this or that European player, the Crew signed former Crew defender (and former KC assistant) Brian Bliss as their "technical director". Bliss immediately boarded a plane for points south and is now busily scouting and signing a half dozen or more new Crewsters.

One has to suspect that, Sigi's protestations notwithstanding, Bliss has been handed some of the authority that was previously Schmids alone, and not a moment too soon.