FCD-Galaxy preseason game (R)

The (R) is in case you were taping it.

Crap, that's actually gonna be an issue when the games matter, won't it? So I'm going to have to post pictures of kittens or something to act as a heat shield. Maybe this would be a good time to try that out. I'll post a picture, and see if it covers up enough space to get the good stuff below "Continue reading."

There, isn't that adorable?

So, David Beckham is kind of...how would Grantland Rice put this? How would Jim Murray describe him? What would sound good in a narration by John Facenda?....he's been kind of an asswaffle on the field lately. I have no problems with isolated instances of inyerface with opposing players, but when it becomes a habit, it loses its emotional and inspirational impact. It certainly doesn't make him look tougher, either, just more short-tempered. And it's actually going to encourage cheap shouts against him and his merrie men, because if he complains, it's just Goldenballs spouting off again.

And what, is every defender in MLS a cynical, talent-free hack? Well, okay, that's pretty likely. But since he's also pulled that stunt against teams from the J-League and the A-League, I think we can pinpoint the issue here. And it's a real issue. It's one thing to lose your temper with other superstars like Diego Simeone and Jesse Marsch. But now he's lashing out at just ANYBODY.

What bugs me more, though - and I know Team Beckham is taking notes - is how he's bullying the linesmen. Beckham's hardly the only player in the world to play Grief-a-Ref, but the problem here is, if the refs show him leniency traditionally due a captain, they look like weaklings being intimidated by the league's meal ticket. And Beckham really does go noticeably further in trying to work linesmen than even Valderrama, Wynalda and Blanco did. Every time Beckham storms over to a linesmen I get this vision of Earl Weaver. Opposing players can answer Mr. Beckham back, at least - the linesmen have no option but to take the heat, and the refs have to wonder if they're risking their careers by carding the mouthy Brit. Someone, particularly Ruud Gullit, should put a stop to this. If only because linesmen and refs can certainly take out their frustrations on Beckham's teammates.

Oh, the game. You know, I thought it was pretty good in stretches. Dallas is a big mystery to me at the moment. In theory, Riccheti, Rocha, Cooper, Alvarez and Ricardinho should be a very exciting offensive corps - which they will have to be, because no one in the free world thinks highly of their defense. The Galaxy without the markup, in other words...and yet, a scoreless draw. I honestly don't think either team is going to be involved in a scoreless draw all season, but that's what we got tonight. Dallas could use a couple more games to get used to each other, and Dario Sala...you know, he looked out of position the whole game, but he made the big saves. Therefore, he wasn't out of position. And for all I know, Diulio Davino will turn this rag-tag bunch of ne'er do wells into the finest defense in the fleet. I'm not optimistic though.

Still, there are a couple of teams in the league where you look at them and think, "You'd just have to be nuts not to buy a season ticket for these guys," and Dallas is one of them. If you're gonna finish .500, do it in style.