What, you'd prefer God Save the Queen?

So unless the US loses to Honduras, AND Cuba beats Panama (with whom, exactly?) they will at least get to play for a trip to Beijing. Well, awesome work, guys. What do you want, a lollipop? You're supposed to get out of the group. It's CONCACAF, not Mortal Kombat.

The amusing thing is, because the other group's games are the day after, Honduras and the US can't position themselves for Operation Avoid Mexico. Canada gets the easy game against Haiti (theoretically), while Mexico and Guatemala meet tonight in the Home Depot Center. Now, since these are the U-23 teams, it really isn't THAT cool to cheer for injuries. Save that for the Hexagonal. Point is, not only is Honduran or American maneuvering to get a softer opponent out of the question, it might not even be possible for the other group, even actually knowing who finished where.

Plus, they would have to decide whether the US or Honduras is actually the softer opponent.

Anyway, thought this analysis of anti-American hostility was interesting:

Oh, wait...that was anti-Canadian hostility.

To be fair, the game took place in Carson, the Bayreuth of anthem-booing. But how are we supposed to foment American-Mexican tensions about "reconquista" if Mexico fans turn around and boo freaking Canada? Stick to the script, guys, otherwise we'll have Lou Dobbs just staring at the camera with a stupid look on his face.