"Our fate's in our hands" - Edu

I take a back seat to no one in my respect for Maurice Edu. If nothing else, having played for Mo Johnston ought to qualify him for free psychiatric treatment benefits from the MLS Cafeteria Plan.

But to a degree, he's wrong about the US Team's fate being in their own hands. While it's true that running the table gets them out of the group, any result short of that puts their fate, or at least their next oponent, in the extremely sticky hands of Jack and Chuck's Traveling Greedathon.

News reports ARE CONFIRMING THAT TWO MORE PLAYERS DISAPPEARED from the Cuban team, so there's a decision to be made, and the executive management of CONCACAF are the ones who're going to have to make it.

The key question is whether Cuba can continue in the tournament.

With ten players (seven plus one with a red card, who helpfully isn't one of the guys who booked) I find it hard to believe that CONCACAF will let them take the field although strictl speaking FIFA rules allow it.

Now Jack and Chuck could decide that Cuba could send up a few more potential American citizens to fill out the roster. Obviously the roster is supposed to be set in stone but extenuating circumstances and all of that.

If they so decide, then the show can go on.

If they decide that Cuba cannot continue in the tournament (which I personally think is the most logical decision but that's just an opinion) then what?

Can they give Panama and Honduras - the other teams in the group - 1-0 wins, as you would for a normal DQ and yet let the US score stand? In that scenario, don't they have to void the US result based on the fact that no other team was exposed to a potential loss?

Thus taking Nowak and the US off the hook, at least for the moment?

Stay tuned.