Chuck Explains it All

AS NOTED BY THE INDEFATIGABLE BUFFLOSOLDIER CONCACAF, in the person of Goodyear Blimp stand-in Chuck Blazer, has announced that CUba says they will continue to answer the whistle.

Jack Warner is in Nigeria PISSING OFF THE GOVERNMENT at the moment by threatening to use his (considerable) influence with FIFA to get next year's FIFA u-17 WOrld Cup tournament moved to Ghana, so Chuck Blazer is left running the store for the Olympic quallies.

(Fortunately, since both of them are technically "on the road" they both will receive the FIFA-mandated 500 Euro-per-day "honorarium" in addition to their luxurious accommodations, which is why, not coincidentally, these guys spend all their time "on the road")

So it was left to Chuck today to step up to the mike and announce that while Cuba seems to have misplaced a few guys somehow, COCNACAF "has no knowledge of their whereabouts" and that Cuba intends to play all of their remaining games.

While I'm certain we're all grateful to Chuck for taking a few precious moments away from perusing the menus that South Florida's finest dining establishments have thoughtfully faxed over to him and figuring out whether "Madame Magnifico" or "Executive Escorts" has the better crew of debutantes on the payroll to give us the 411, "CONCACAF" only needs to turn on Spanish language TV there in Miami, which has been covering the story non-stop, including interviews with the first five guys and coverage of their departure for California.

And Chuck didn't clarify - apparently because he didn't think it necessary - whether Cuba intends to field 10 players tonight or if they will be allowed to reinforce their roster.

Neither did he comment on the fact that, absent a miracle, those two remaining games have been converted from drama to farce.