Nowak: US National Team players suck and Bob Bradley can't pick a team

Peter Nowak reacted to his second snubbing by Hall of Fame voters by lashing out at current US national team players Michael Bradley and Benny Feilhaber, saying neither is good enough to even play against Cuba's U-23 team.

"Tally Hall, Arturo Alvarez, Robbie Rogers, Mike Randolph and Danny Szetela all suck, too," Nowak added. Journalism is fun.

Well, it's possible that Michael Bradley was simply held captive by evil foreigners - this is possibly the case with Szetela and MAYBE Feilhaber, or it could be that those players would rather alienate Nowak than the people who pay their salaries. Or Nowak genuinely thinks they're horrible players who should quit soccer and hang drywall for a living.

Jonathan Spector is the only one who wasn't called into camp that made the roster, but his inclusion isn't that controversial. It still looks as if this is a roster good enough to qualify for the Games, provided they avoid another stupidly inconvenient semifinal against Mexico. I think the US should win its group, and I think Mexico is the only team in this tournament good enough to beat them, but then again I think lots of things.

The key to the tournament for the United States will be Adu and Altidore, and I think we're all pretty excited about that. If there's one thing Peter Nowak knows, it's how to get the very, very best out of Freddy Adu. I absolutely refuse to admit that DC United's 2004 title takes anything away from the delightfully pointed humor of that last sentence.