Mexico's Top Division Needs an Overhaul

Where to begin? The two "tournaments"? How about the ridiculous exercise of pink slipping coaches, and then rehiring them on different teams for the next tournament? Or maybe we should consider the allotment of foreign players, which currently stands at 5. The Playoffs - in which 10 of the 18 teams qualify?

I know that by no means no league is perfect. But I do think there are some fundamental changes that FEMEXFUT can make to make the top league more excitng, which yes can make the league owners even more money. Time permitting, I will present a series of proposals to make the Mexian League more exciting and competitive.

The first thing FEMEXFUT needs to do is to scrap the two-season season altogether. The impatience that club owners show if their team falls behind early is laughable. So far this Clausura 2008, there have been 5 coaching changes, and it has only been 9 weeks. Would teams be so quick to sack the coach in a longer season. Well, it is Mexico, so probably not. Move on.

I know the argument. If teams pull away in a long season, then other teams have nothing to play for. The fans will lose interest. Newsflash: the fans' interest has been lost long ago. How often do you see sellouts in Mexican soccer? The only teams that regularly seel out are the two Monterrey teams. And both of those front offices are so screwed up, I am surprised those fans haven't revolted. Most of the time, teams play in front of half filled stadia, and unless you have Sky, you will not get to see your local team.

The other teams have nothing to play for. Well, if one scraps the Interliga, then they have everything to play for in regard to CONCACAF, Libertadores, and Sudamericana slots. And in some cases, teams may be alive in other tournaments.

America is in dead last place right now. Dead Last. The caboose. The back of the front. The freont of the back. BUT they are more than alive in Libertadores. So their fans still have hope of tasting glory.

Teams have other tournaments now to play for, and they should have one more tournament to play for as well, but we will examine that next time.