Meet Me In Oneonta

Chuck Blazer?


I have held off on this topic today, giving Daniel his due. He's the expert on Oneonta, the Pro from Dover, the go-to-guy, and I wanted to give him the honors today.

Besides, I only have one question and that's directed to the 22 HoF voters who feel that Chuck Blazer has made a significant contribution to US Soccer:

Do you honestly think that filling out your ballot while drunk was a good idea?

Is there some way we can get those people's names? I want to speak to them, hear their reasoning. If nothing else, I'd like to hear one of them tell me ANYTHING Chuck Blazer has done to "build" US Soccer.


NOTE: Edited by popular demand - enjoy:

"I want to be in the Hall of Fame!"

As for Dorrance, I'm still taking grief from Freddy Adu's fan club, I don't need any more junk right now, but there's no question that he belongs and, in fact, this is an honor that is long overdue. There is simply no one in the country who has done more for women's soccer.