Country Road

Time-Warner Cable (the guys who refused to carry ESPN2 HD until after the World Cup, bastards) and ESPN (which may or may not stand for anything at all any more) announced today that ESPN Deportes WILL NOW BE INCLUDED in the "most penetrated level of digital cable service".

In Los Angeles.

Now I'm happy for the million plus customers who'll be getting this at no extra charge, but if it's not too much trouble could the rest of us have it too? Please?

If you would do us this favor, I promise to stop making fun of the ESPN Deportes anchor who concludes his reports on Sportscenter with "..and now back to you guys".

Brandweek has an advance look at the MLS ad campiagn for this season.

The theme is THE LANGUAGE OF MLS IS.... followed by one of a number of pithy lines, such as ".... in the souls of our clubs," ". . . in the songs of our fans," or ". . . in the hearts of our players."

Maybe it will look better than it sounds.

Bleacher Report says that MLS could very well PULL EVEN WITH NHL TV RATINGS this year.

Certainly not time to break out the champagne, but we're creeping up on respectability here. I just wish it wasn't such a long ways to catch stuff like UFC.

The Best Eleven has done up some roster maps for MLS teams, SHOWING THE BIRTH STATE OR COUNTRY of each player on each team.

I love that some people do this kind of stuff.

Sepp Blatter Update: our favorite kleptocrat, winding up his weekend at the luxurious Gleneagles resort after the IFAB meetings, WANTS TO DOCK POINTS AND TAKE AWAY WINS from teams whose fans are racially abusive.

I take a back seat to no one in my disgust at some of the things overseas fans are willing to yell out loud to black players, but I think Sepp is barking up the wrong tree here. Perhaps roving goon squads with authority to beat these people senseless would be a better approach.

There seems to be some confusion as to the exact translation for the nickname given to new Wizards Argie Claudio Lopez:

FIFA.COM seems to feel the word translates to "the flea".

MOST EVERYBODY ELSE seems to feel the guy is actually "The Louse".

If I'm him, I know which way I'm leaning.

Finally while it obviously has nothing whatever t do with soccer, I can't help but link to any article with the headline John Denver Karaoke Sparks Thai Killing Spree

Well duh.