"This is the Galaxy, Not Real Madrid"

The David and the Gals World Tour 2008 is GETTING A PRETTY TEPID REACTION in Hong Kong.

Time to wrap this thing up and head home, boys.

Meanwhile in England, Sir ALex is a little ticked about the refereeing.


Wouldn't it be nice to see an MLS Head Coach telling the truth like this? Of course, SAF can afford the fines a lot better than Jason Kreis can.

They also sound a little miffed in Fiji, ALTHOUGH IT'S HARD TO SAY EXACTLY WHY

But any article that talks about how "the mind games of the intelligent Kiwis outfoxed the artistry of the skillful Solomons", asks "What if the out-of-sorts Osea and the man from Siberia had done better?", refers to "the man from the Land of the Long Whites Clouds" and concludes that " It's like calling on Sri Lanka to topple Fiji in sevens rugby!" gets a link from me on general principles.

Apparently though, there are some villains:"Remember we had to rely on Rajneel "Rock" Chand and Malakai Waqa as the centre-back pairing after Kautoga and Jone Vesikula were given the boot following their 'merry-making' night of madness."

Indeed so.