Goal Line Technology "Dead in the Water"

The IFAB, meeting this weekend, has decided not to continue to pursue the implementation of so-called goal line technology.

They did, however, approve the "two extra assistant referees" experiment, with one behind each goal.

I liked the BALL WITH THE CHIP idea myself. I almost got murdered when I called back a goal at a U14 tournament championship game a couple years ago. There was a huge pileup in front of the goal, I had no idea whatsoever whether the whole bail had crossed the line, my AR signaled no goal and I went with him.

Barely got out of there alive.

Pete Grathoff in the Kansas City Star has a gentle reminder that IT'S NOT ALL JUST A BUNCH OF PAPERWORK when it comes to player trades.

These are real live people here, who have lives that get turned upside down. Well, except Jeff Cunningham. He probably never bothers to unpack.

And while I'd rather drink muddy water, Lord, and sleep in a hollow log than get caught agreeing with Ives Galarcep, I have to grudgingly admit that HE REALLY CATCHES THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM vis a vie Toronto FC and their ticket stinginess.

I just don't see why they can't hold some seats out until say, three weeks or a month before a given match. If visitors buy them, then you've got a good, fun atmosphere and everyone wins.

If they don't, well, if ticket demand is so fierce up there then there should be no problem at all selling them locally.

Seems to me the real problem here is that they really don't want 200 or 300 visiting fans in the building.