Filling out my donor card

I was more interested in the Galaxy friendly than the Champions League games.

I realize what this makes me. I spent so many years on the topic of Eurosnobbery, and how practitioners of that evil doctrine should be harvested for their internal organs. Yet, I have fallen victim to rank MLSnobbery.

You see, I think group play in what was in happier times called the European Cup is, like, totally ponderous. So I chose not to watch good soccer being played in a schedule meant to maximize favor of bad soccer being played in a schedule meant to maximize profits. I am not a smart shopper.

I also kind of checked out of the Champions League last year, because the final was between a team that should have been relegated, if not disbanded, for match-fixing, and a team that has never actually won the championship of the league in which it competes. In fact, Liverpool has won more Champions League trophies than Premiership titles. That's stupid. Besides, the Galaxy did it first.

So that's why you're not reading about interesting games being played by talented professionals. Yet. I have high hopes for MLS this season. But the season doesn't start until the end of the month, so, enjoy my guesses and unwarranted assumptions about the preseason.

I did not agree with the Ruiz acquisition. The last thing the Galaxy needed, I reasoned, was another high-priced, high-maintenance head case. I despaired as I watched players like Chris Albright leave town in exchange for a hot cup of nothing. I was distressingly close to betting anyone on the board $20.00 that Ruiz would get fewer goals this year than last, confident that I wouldn't even need to make an extra trip to the ATM.

Well, Ruiz might still only score five or six goals this year, and the Galaxy might still only win five or six games. But they sure do look better now than a couple of weeks ago.

It will be interesting to see if the frequent flier approach to the preseason compares well with more settled approaches, such as New England's spring training in Bermuda or the Texas Chili Tournament and Soccer Cookoff, or whatever it's called. At least no one on the Galaxy will be complaining about LA-to-Providence round trips this year.

Speaking of the Texas games, I know it's not cool to comment on games I didn't see, but apparently Houston's defense isn't terribly deep yet, Toronto on paper looks worse than the final voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Chivas USA is suiting up all 18 guys left in the Sueno MLS competition, and this?


Thank you for your time. Use my heart, kidneys and corneas more wisely than I have done.