The Celestine Policy

The waiver wire is a cold and friendless place, invariably a low point for a player's career. One of the names that jumped out at me was Brandon Prideaux. That's the perfect example of a guy who really gave everything he had to every team he played for. He never got a cap, never got a huge payday - he's the sort of player who, well, has more MLS championships than goals scored (2-0 is the final score, assuming this is the end).

Yeah, it's not like he's dead, or anything. And it's not even as if his playing career is necessarily over. MLS keeps expanding, and eventually some desperate team will come looking for a proven commodity. Maybe. He was a Seattle Sounder once already, after all.

At the other extreme, we have Celestine Babayaro, whose presence in this draft is pretty much way, way too good to be true. It MUST be a salary cap juggle, the sort we see in other leagues. Otherwise, we have a new addition to the Daniel Amokachi/Marcelo Vega/Luis Tejada/Gilles Grimandi/Carlos Pavon/Juan Berthy Suarez/Insert Your Favorite Here parade of imported implosions. Say what you want about Lothar Matthaeus and Hong Myung-Bo, but at least they hung around the entire year stealing money week after week.

Put that way, it's a positive sign that the Galaxy aren't carrying any passengers this year. It's still March, so we can still Soviet propaganda this into "Wow, we cut Babayaro, so just imagine how good the rest of the team is!"

Or he could "re-sign" in some way that basically works out to the salary cap equivalent of Bob Bradley putting Eddie Gaven in goal. Again, feel-good springtime Soviet propaganda mode would demand I salute the Galaxy's ingenuity, rather than admit you can't spell "cheating" without "AEG."*

JUST before hitting "Post Now", it occurs to me that this might have been a work permit issue, but I honestly can't remember this occurring before in importing a player TO America. Although I just love the idea of a Washington bureaucrat just happening to tune into the Seoul game and going "Are you kidding? This guy sucks!" That long list of guys above says that the Department of Labor has been asleep at the wheel if they're just starting with Celestine. (And never mind the United Kingdom. Oh, so Babayaro is good enough for you, but Brad Guzan isn't? We see how it is. Let's see if we let in any more superstar English midfielders, then. That'll teach you.)

*I should save that until they've been actually caught cheating. Maybe? Nah. Too good a line. Sorry, Phil.