"White Americans Only Pretend to Like Soccer"

Being a soccer fan is a little like being a soccer referee: sometimes it's useful to be a little hard of hearing.

That way we can tune out the seemingly endless parade of slow-witted jerks who regularly feel the need to denigrate soccer.

Now granted you can still get a good healthy thread going here on BigSoccer almost any time by linking to some columnist who, having exausted the extremely limited range of his actual knowledge, decided to write his yearly "soccer will never succeed in the US" article.

From Jim Rome on down, these fools prattle on and on and on about what a stupid waste of time soccer is and we, for the most part, have learned to simply ignore them. Who gives a damn what Jim Rome and his ilk think is a "real sport"? Surely not me.

But occasionally someone writes something so profoundly stupid, so monumentally dense, so incredibly ignorant that it's simply impossible to ignore.

So with that, I give you a link to my candidate for THE MONUMENTALLY IGNORANT POST OF THE YEAR. Yeah, I know it's only March, but I doubt anyone will be able to top this one.

Now this guy doesn't simply suggest that soccer sucks. We're more than used to that.

No, he says that we're all soccer fans because we're stupid white people who don't really like the game but think being a soccer fan is a cool way to impress people.

None of you ever played the game. Instead, you did a semester abroad and decided you like scarves.

Don't let anyone try to talk about soccer with you, because you don't know anything. You'll just stare at them and drool, apparently.

Europeans, of course - not that he's a snob or anything - ARE in fact capable of being soccer fans. It's just Americans - nay, just WHITE Americans - who are incapable of actually appreciating the game.

Just when you think you've seen or heard every conceivable moronic thing possible about the game, along comes the King of the Imbeciles.