The Doctor is In

Aside from the novelty of having a physician playing in MLS, and forgetting for a moment all the usual "I never heard of this guy before but what a great player I've always known he was" posts, the KENNY DEUCHER TO RSL deal is hardly unique in a league which used to feature "The Michael Jordan of South Africa, Doctor Khumalo.

(Of course Khumalo was not a real doctor, but he also turned out not to be a real soccer player either.)

Nonetheless, fans can be forgiven for not knowing much about the guy; apparently pretty much all that Lagerway and Kreis know they learned from WATCHING HIM PLAY AGAINST RANGERS a couple of weeks back. Which is, of course, more of a look than Sunil Gulati ever got of Khumalo before signing him as a major allocation, so what the hell.

Moreover, WORD FROM THE UK IS that he'll be paid a "staggering nine grand a week" and, what's more, plans on hanging out a shingle.

Talk about a ready-made patient base: RSL fans will fill his appointment book faster than you can say Tabernacle.

"So Doc, I'm having trouble sleeping, and that sitter you missed against LA isn't helping any"

The RSL braintrust (two words no one ever used in the same sentence before) is really out beating the bushes. I'm not sure where they stand on signing SINGAPORIAN STRIKER INDRA SAHDAN DAUD at this point, but MLS is a league where decent strikers are as rare as sold out stadiums and the Stormin Mormons are showing they'll go the extra mile to find them.

However both of these moves turn out - and who knows, they may be the two biggest MLS bombs since...well, since Doctor Khumalo - RSL seems a long ways from the Keystone Kops outfit of last summer with the rookie coach that didn't even have a GM that MLS fined every other day for everything from player tampering to illegal uniforms.

Maybe, finally, there are some grownups in charge in Salt Lake.