Feel Good on Friday

If you're looking to hire a Commissioner for a professional sports league that doesn't exist, I don't see how you can do any better than Tonya Antonucci.

Over the course of the last three or four (or what seems like ten or twelve) years, Antonucci has somehow managed to get one major national publication or website or network or so per month to do a nice little writeup on her efforts.

Ask anyone in the PR business just what an accomplishment that is, particularly for a speculative league which for quite some time looked unlikely, to say the least. It doesn't happen by accident.

Articles talking about the "rebirth" of Women's Professional Soccer in the US have appeared so regularly over the years that it almost seems like the league is actually in operation, which it still won't be for another year.

So they claim.

Be that as it may, ESPNsoccernet POSTED A NEW ONE YESTERDAY which, while it folows the usual "we know it was badly screwed up last time but we plan on not being quite so stupid" script which is the bread and butter of Antonucci's interviews, has some additional features.

One is the "Jerry West-to-Mia Hamm" logo, which most of you haven't seen:

And while it's unfortunate that we have to stop calling the thing "WOOSA 2", you gotta admit that the logo is classy.

(For nostalgia fans, the announcement was also POSTED ON THE WUSA WEBSITE which hasn't had a new post since 2004. I have to believe the traffic over there has thinned considerably in that time)

But most of this is old news to those who folow these things, and for you smelly, hairy, unshaven misogynistic slobs out there who don't care, shame on you. When you have a daughter and she demands that you take her to games, I'll be the guy sitting behind you stifling a chuckle.

Aside from al of that, the most interesting thing about the article, to me, is the person who wrote it.

The other day I was a little rough on ESPN for their new policy of including a skirt in their coverage of pretty much everything. If there was a National Jockstrap Adjusting Championship, they'd send Rachel Nichols to do sideline.

But in this case, the hire is dead on. Lindsay Dolich, whose father is a well-known sports executive (Oakland A's, Memphis Grizzlies) is a starting midfielder for the US Deaf Women's Soccer Team which won the gold medal at the world championships in Australia last month.

ESPN says she'll be covering "Women's Soccer" for them from now on, and bully, She's a terrific writer, as that piece demonstrates, and she knows the game inside out.

And if they want to replace Jen Chang anytime soon, they could do a lot worse.