Simon Kuper's Political Football XI

This is fascinating, although it is Simon Kuper and we pretty much expect that out of him. Via Du Nord.

He's only got three spots left, and I think he's left out a few - Socrates springs to mind, especially based on Futebol by Alex Bellos. I would disqualify Maradona, because - gosh, how can I put this delicately - someone who has been coked-up and crazy over the course of decades can't be taken all that seriously, and his post-playing career shows that left-wingers are as susceptible to manipulative jock-sniffing as right-wingers. Anyone know or care whether Paul Gascoigne supports Gordon Brown?

Having said that, Kuper's articles are fascinating. Cheer once again to the stories of Weah, Sindelar, and Tull; wince once more at Paolo di Canio; see which side of the line you fall on with Boban and Lennon. (Neil, not John, OBVIOUSLY.)

Wonder who the goalkeeper will be. Pope John Paul II is an option.