A Monumentally Unimportant Question

On the San Jose State University {Motto: "Win or Lose, We Booze!"} website there's a posting of a media release from the Athletics Department announcing that the San Jose Earthquakes will be on campus this Saturday for a scrimmage with the Spartans of SJSU.

Nothing much of interest (unless you live nearby) until you get to the second paragraph, where the writer refers to the Earthquakes as "two time MLS Champions".

My question is: is this true? Do they begin the season with a pair of Championship banners hanging from the rafters? Or does Houston own those?

(Not that, technically speaking, either team actually has "rafters" - come to think of it, neither of them has a stadium either -but you get my drift.)

If - someday - San Jose gets a stadium of their own and decides to install a Ring of Honor kind of a thing, does, say, Landon Donovan get in? Onstad? DeRo? Rikter the Cyber Dog? Lothar Osiander? Lynne Meterparel?

In the overall scheme of things it's not particularly Earth shattering (Earthquaking?) and if this has already been hashed out and I just missed it, please share.