New, hurray

EDIT - *cough* But it's not as good as the BigSoccer Shop! *deep, red-faced embarrassment* I think I'll pre-order the Galaxy replica if it doesn't have Herbalife on it. Otherwise, well, the Amigo Energy logo is cute, I guess.

Plus BigSoccer won't steal your identity. Why not shop today?

(Now I know how the South Park guys felt after Al Gore won an Oscar and a Nobel Prize)


MLSnet has kept us up to date with Sueno MLS, the candidates, and their backgrounds. But what about their sex lives? Well, these guys may be trying out for soccer, but when it comes to nighttime games, "Sueno" stands for "Sexing up every night, oh baby!" Let's take a truly "in-depth" look.

But first, something interesting:

Du Nord points us to this article about the people behind the new and improved It has to be improved, since it can't possibly be any worse. I'm including the possiblity that GSI runs it business out of sweatshops manned by kidnapped children, using machines that run on the blood of the innocent, like the monster that Tom Servo made up.

Now, if we can solve the mystery of why Houston, Salt Lake, Columbus and Toronto fans get to order replicas without the sponsors on them, but I have to put up with Herbalife even on the cheaper version of the Galaxy shirt. Probably what will happen is that everyone else will be stuck with sponsors on the replicas. If other fans continue to get unvandalized shirts, while Galaxy fans are left shilling for scam artists, I will...keep bitching about it uselessly.

Well, we're out of time for this post - I'll try to catch up on the hot, sweaty sex thing later.