While I'm Away

Blogging has been light-to-nonexistent the last couple of days due to some personal travel, but I don't want Loney to take over the page and rename it "Dan's House O' Blogging" or something while I'm not looking, so I thought I'd check in and forestall that kind of calamity.

Item the first: THE MUCH MALIGNED "MLS RUMORS" says that "big stars love them some MLS" and offers some photographic proof, beginning with Morrissey, a reputed Chivas USA devotee:

Some of them, such as Wyclef Jean, may just like the shirt and not have the first clue who it belongs to, but us beggars can't be choosers.

And unless someone is extremely adept at using Photoshop, we have to conclude that the photos are 100% genuine, which will disappoint those who claim that everything they post over there is straight out of the imagination.

(And speaking of Drew Carey, the other day I was stuck at the Nissan dealership getting some work done and the TV in the waiting area was on "The Price is Right" which I hadn't seen since Bob Barker was in short pants. Boy, does Carey ever suck at it. He is stiff, uncomfortable and acts like he wishes he was someplace else. It was embarrassing just to watch. If that's any indication of how it's going for him, I'm glad he'll have the MLS thing to occupy his time after his PiR contract expires)

While we're on the sunject or "stars" we should acknowledge that reportedly AEG is set to announce THE SALE OF A 50% "ownership share" (for lack of a better term) in the Houston Dynamo to interests connected with Oscar DeLaHoya.

With "The Golden Boy" in their corner, maybe Houston can get a rematch with Osaka and do to them what DeLaHoya did to Pernell Whittaker.

However that turns out, AEG will retain the seat at the table at MLS HQ. Pity. I like the idea of Oscar going 5 with Don Garber.

The inestimable Grahame Jones (we're not worthy) HAS A STORY TODAY suggesting that the future of the just concluded "Pan-Pacific-A-Palooza" is very much in doubt.

When MLS contrives to put David Beckham in the building, the idea is to sell the place out. Apparently Hawaiians had better things to do both days and stayed away in droves. Not to be too cynical about it, but the whole idea was to put maximum dollars in the SUM kitty, and if Hawaiians aren't going to cooperate, they're not likely to get a second chance.

Then again, we need to keep preseason results in perspective: after taking two consecutive drubbings at the hands of Div I sides by a composite score of 12-0, THE VENTURA COUNTY FUSION of the PDL won what was called an "eye-opening" 1-0 victory over the Columbus Crew, the second ever win by a PDL team over an MLS side.

And while Sigi is apparently content to go into the season with pretty much the exact same lineup which stunk last year, it's worth noting that - just to make it fair - the Crew gave the Fusion three of their players.

One preseason match that might actually be of interest is the scheduled Houston/FC Atlante match SCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEK

They're a first rate opponent, they're playing in Cancun and Houston is coming off an embarrassing 6-1 beatdown at the hands of Gamba Osaka.

It's doubtful that the Dynamo will take the day off - they've got some things to prove at the moment.

However that may be, other MLS teams should take note: Houston will come into the season with some genuinely testing, "pressure" games under their belts. As if they needed them.