Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

It took me a second to realize why the Naks being drawn in the same group as La Tri wasn't a disaster - this is to avoid what happened to the Yaks in 2004, when Landon Donovan put more urine on the field than goals in the net, and Mexico went to Athens instead of the US. In theory, Canada could be the big roadblock, and wouldn't that be a great match. Realistically, it's up to either Costa Rica or Trinidad (and their trusty sidekick, Tobago). In their last one meetings with Mexico, the Naks are 0-0-1.

Besides, the US will undoubtedly have thousands of fans at the game, since it's right across the border in Juarez. I'm just glad that someone finally realized that, apart from a being a cultural landmark, Ciudad Juarez is one of the great soccer cities in the hemisphere, if not the world. I can't think of any more productive way to promote the game than to play as many matches in Juarez as humanly possible. In fact, let's put WPS teams in both El Paso AND Juarez, and have a derby!