Dressing like Hitler in school isn't cool

Belated congratulations to the Newcastle Jets for winning the A-League Grand Final, since apparently their opponents were jerkoffs. Well, two of them are, anyway:

Although, without knowing more information, it's possible that Vidmar was being very, very funny. The story is making me picture an Al Jolson minstrel show getup, which is going to be offensive pretty much anywhere - except following it up with "I'm supposed to be God" is an entirely other level of comedy. Or offensiveness. Or both. I'm willing to listen to both sides here.

And yeah, it's theoretically possible to dress as Hitler and be funny. John Cleese in "Fawlty Towers," Mel Brooks' "The Producers." Something tells me East German soccer player isn't moonlighting as a comedy legend, though.

The really offensive part is that one day after losing the championship, the players go off and play dress up while their fans are cruelly disappointed. Maybe if they spent more time practicing and less time trying on cute outfits, they'd have won. At least ACT hurt that you lost the final.

....no, actually, the really offensive part is probably still wearing the Hitler outfit.