A quick word on why your comments aren't appearing, maybe

I don't know.

But I think it's because if/when you include a link, the BigSoccer Bot Who Watches Over Us All wants to make sure that you are not a Dirty Rotten Spammer. So those comments are held in moderation until qualified personnel makes sure you're not trying to extend our body parts.

Depressingly, I don't have qualified personnel, so it's up to me to hit the right button to make sure your comment gets seen, and not inadvertently sent to Silicon Heaven.

You also, from what I understand, don't get to comment if you're on my ignore list. That's a pretty small number right now, so I wouldn't worry about it - although if the Herbalife idiots from my last blog follow me here, that number's gonna go up in a hurry. (Some people just take it all personal when you tell them they're either suckers or weasels, and whichever is the case they should be forcibly sterilized for the good of society.) (And don't get all smug there, Xango-bots. If you're going to go to games and act like a bunch of damn Scientologists over a bottle of forty-dollar fruit juice, then rest assured, as Mr. Zeppelin put it, your time is gonna come.)

I hope you found those tangents as entertaining as I did. Just to recap, in a few months, the Complaints Department will be relocated to my pants (pull zipper for service), but if you're having issues right this second, they could be caused by my ignorant neglect, so let me know. I think there's a Private Message button, or something. I don't know. What am I, George Westinghouse?