Friday Morning

Over in the BigSoccer Referee Forum, joseVerde posted a link to this video. YouTube has several versions, long, short, medium and set to the ever-popular song Kung Fu Fighting. I'll offer it for your consideration:


While it is certainly an understatement to add that China and Japan have something of a history, some people are claiming that this has less to do with the Rape of Nanking than it does with the fact that China has little talent and this is the only way they can compete.

Not being an avid follower of Asian soccer I'm really not in a position to comment, except to say that MLS should consider signing that referee; he'd fit right in.

In a follow up to some of the FIFA stuff I did this week - and there's so much more that I want to get to later - a few guys expressed an interest in Andrew Jennings, his work, his website or his terrific but frightening book.

I'm MORE THAN HAPPY TO OBLIGE since Jennings is the guy who's been doing the legwork on FIFA (and the IOC) for years. The highest recommendation for his stuff comes directly from Sepp Blatter himself, who has issued an order permanently banning Jennings from any FIFA media conference. Seems that he - unlike the rest of the guys who are busy at the extravagant buffet - tends to ask questions FIFA doesn't have answers for.

The sad, strange saga of the Rochester Rhinos continues apace. Another unpaid vendor HAS FILED SUIT against the organization, this time for $600,000 for construction services.

Meanwhile, White Knight Dan Williams met with the bankers and failed to make much headway. Apparently the bank feels it would be nice if Wiliams would make them 100% whole on this deal, which he - rightfully I think - sees as unrealistic for, among other reasons, Williams could simply decide to let the club collapse and fold and then buy a new franchise from USL for $400,000 rather than the millions they'd like him to hand over..

As he says, he's willing to spend money on soccer in Rochester, it's just that he'd like to see the money "go to the right places" ie. players, salaries, promotion and development, rather than being used to rescue a bunch of idiot politicians from their own stupidity.

But this morning they're reporting "some progress". Maybe the bankers realized that their choice really boils down to a) something or b) nothing at all. We should know in the next two or three days whether PAETEC Park will be vacant this year.

There was A REVEALING PIECE on the Miami MLS bid in the Sun-Sentinal yesterday.

Apparently there's a window of opportunity there but it may not stay open indefinitely. They have a baseball stadium project ongoing nearby and they'd like to do the soccer stadium at the same time. If they can't, then they don't want to commit to having the entire area be one massive construction zone for the next 4 or 5 years.

Otherwise, they'll have to wait until 2013.

They need to come up with an investor, and time is running out.