My only crime is that I care too much

Pan Pacific Cup starts tomorrow. I've broken down each of the games, with probable lineups and substitutions, as well as the tactical adjustments I anticipate each coach will be making at certain phases of the games.

Ha ha! No, of course not. I mean, can you just imagine? Oh, my, that would be silly.

This has a certain appeal for diehard fans of the Galaxy and Some Other MLS Team. I understand that other MLS team will be wearing some sort of commemorative patch or such on the right side of their jerseys - I wonder what it signifies. Probably tornado relief or something.

I've been gunshy about judging by preseason games ever since Hong Myung-Bo looked FANTASTIC! against UCLA back in 2003, so I'll probably let the television commentators tell me what to think. I probably won't be looking at anything besides the backline, though. The defense wasn't a question mark last year, so much as an exclamation point at the end of "Oh, dear God, no", and the nice people at Sideline Views today called Steve Cronin the worst starting keeper in the league. I'd moan and complain about it, but the Galaxy are considering starting two rookies in the back again this year, and if Cronin is upset about being called the worst starting keeper in the league, then Cronin is at least in a position to do something about it, like saving lots and lots of shots.

Actually, I will try to watch the Dynamo, assuming anyone deems them worthy of broadcast, because right this moment San Jose has as many listed forwards on the roster as Houston, and I'm not counting D-F James Riley. I was hoping the Dynamo would try to go the whole season starting Ching and Wondolowski, but apparently they've decided to actually add a player to the team for the first time since....who was the Dynamo's last actual allocation? Onstad? DeRo? Paul freaking Dalglish? Losing Jaqua, Ngwenya and Dalglish might have been a blessing in a very poor disguise, since it got Houston away from the mirror asking "Who's the fairest of them all?" and liking what they hear.

We all know better, of course, that Houston is simply waiting to convert yet another Galaxy stiff at forward into crucial MLS Cup goals. I think this year it'll be Alan Gordon. Plan your fantasy teams accordingly.