Nicol to 'Old Firm' - You're Not So Tough

Revolution Head Coach Steve Nicol, not normally a man given to hyperbole, says that his side WOULD DO WELL IN THE SPL. He admits that they're not ready for the Prem exactly, but in the Championship, he believes they could "hold their own".

He also doesn't make much effort to deny that he'd be interested in moving to a British Isles club in the future, but that's hardly a surprise. For years people speculated on Bruce Arena's chances of landing a job overseas, but now that that appears about as likely as an ice storm in Hawaii, Nicol would certainly seem to be the most likely candidate.

Now that the Philadelphia deal appears unstoppable (knock on wood) the naysayers are coming out of the woodwork. Typical of the sentiments is this EDITORIAL FROM THE PATRIOT NEWS which amounts to nothing more than a rehash of the same old tired complaints.

The author includes the obligatory citation of some study or other done by an "economist" demonstrating conclusively some facts which have been demonstrated conclusively a thousand times over he last 30 years. I don't know who pays these guys to do these "studies" (I suspect that ultimately it's you and I) but we should declare a moratorium on them.

Their only original contribution to the anti-stadium "wasted tax dollars" screed - which could be cut and pasted from 1000 sources - is the contention that it makes no sense to build a stadium for a "Non-existent franchise". I suppose pointing out that the reason the franchise "doesn't exist" is because there's no place for them to play or that before a shovel of dirt is moved there'll be a team agreement in place is pointless; about as pointless as their tired old complaints.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BLOGGER LUIS ARROYAVE moved a piece late last night about Fire defender Wilmer Conde wanting out so he can follow Osorio to New York.

Conde insists that he absolutely loves Chicago, but apparently the only thing he liked was the coach, who isn't there any more. Subsequent posts indicate that he asked out a while back but since the Fire hasn't been able to make an acceptable deal he's "decided to go public" with his demand.

Maybe it's just me, and if so fine, but is this really how he thinks it works? That you get to follow the coach you like around the league? Is that how it works in Columbia?

Apparently the Fire is making a good faith effort to accommodate his wishes; as the GM says, they don't want a guy around who doesn't want to be there. But unless Conde thinks they're lying and aren't really trying to move him then the only thing that taking this public does is make him look like just another spoiled, selfish professional athlete.

Finally, The Telegraph reports that the only question about the 2008 election that any of us is really interested in has been answered: BARACK OBAMA IS A WEST HAM FAN.

While his taste in teams is certainly open to question, his sincerity is apparently genuine and, what's more, entirely appropriate: if there's a team that could definitely use a big old dose of "Hope" it's the Hammers.