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Here's another adventure for the easily thrilled. On the MLS players list, you can sort by nation of birth. Isn't that interesting? I thought it was interesting.

The "sort by" function on that page has been a constant source of entertainment for me since they first put it in. Kind of cruel to not give Diego Gutierrez credit for being in the league all 12 years - it wasn't like the guy was goldbricking for Kansas City in 1997.

San Jose has a 13th player, of course, Ramiro Corrales. Two more players, and Yallop's roster should be complete.

Best player with 12 years of MLS experience: all-time, Jaime Moreno; today, Steve Ralston
Best player with 11 years of MLS experience: Hartman, even though he was 10th in the league last year in GAA
Best player with 10 years of MLS experience: Matt Reis
Best player with 9 years of MLS experience: Jimmy Conrad, partly because Ben Olsen is freaking hurt yet again
Best player with 8 years of MLS experience: you know what, screw it, Frankie Hejduk
Best player with 7 years of MLS experience: if you want to look stupid by saying someone besides Landon, you go right ahead
Best player with 6 years of MLS experience: tough call. Let's say Taylor Twellman, and start ourselves a fight
Best player with 5 years of MLS experience: Shalrie Joseph, with apologies to Pat Onstad, and how weird is it to think he's only been in MLS five years
Best player with 4 years of MLS experience: Christian Gomez
Best player with 3 years of MLS experience: Brad Guzan, with apologies to Michael Parkhurst
Best player with 2 years of MLS experience: I was so thorough about this, I saw Jozy Altidore's name, and I didn't immediately stop reading. Because, y'know, Bornstein, maybe. Okay, it's Jozy
Best player with 1 year of MLS experience: Angel, Emilio, Blanco - feh. If it were your money, you'd take Beckham, and you know it
Best player with 0 years of MLS experience: Marcelo Gallardo

That was surprisingly fun. Might do best player by country next.