Emptying My Bookmarks

Just some items of note. Or not.

Jonathan Bornstein has been inducted INDUCTED INTO THE HALL OF FAME.

It's not exactly Oneonta, but I'm sure he got a nice meal out of the deal so good on him.

If you haven't been checking Freddy Adu's Official Blog frequently - and I'm guessing you haven't - then you've missed his latest feature: FREDDY'S MOVE OF THE MONTH

Impress your friends.

The ever-entertaining WORLD CUP BLOG has posted a video of the Euro 2008 Anthem.

Can't really say that I'm a big Shaggy fan exactly, but it could be worse.

I just wish someone would put an end to the "We Have to Have Cute Animated Mascots for our International Sporting Event" policy. No, you really don't.

If you're really bored there at work - and you must be since you're reading this - stop by NAME THE CUP where they're asking for suggestions on what to call the new "Cup" deal they're inaugurating between Columbus and Toronto.

PLEASE NOTE: That's not invitation to fill up the comments below with variations of "The Who Gives a Crap Cup". The contest is over there, not here, and in any case, that's way too obvious.

And I somehow missed the announcement that Tony DiCicco has been hired to coach the US Women's U 20's.

It's good to see one of the best coaches in the country actually, you know, coaching again. We all know that he was pretty ticked at USSF and apparently someone reached out and is making nice.