Thank you, South America, for having a really, really terrible economy

FCD signed Ahndray Ro-shah* today, on loan from their partners at Para - Paran - Paranaense. A 23 year old Brazilian forward, highly touted - see, that's what scouting is for. Paranaense also sent up Ricardinho last season, who I actually think looks pretty good. Between this, and getting Davino in without using a DP slot, it looks like Dallas will make up for the Denilson debacle a lot sooner than expected.

Hopefully this doesn't peter out the way the Galaxy-Sao Paulo partnership seems to have done. And hopefully other clubs do this, because it's a great way to get new and exciting talent on the field. Rather than sitting and moping that Chris Gbandi has signed with the Mighty Ducks of Trondheim or whoever.

*I was going to call him Andre "Almond" Rocha, but, you know, being Chris Berman isn't terribly cool at the moment.