Speechless in Seattle

So OK, I understand; MLS was so anxious to get Paul Allen and all that lovely money of his involved in the league that they would have let him put the team in a vacant lot.

All that "Soccer Specific Stadium" garbage - no problem, Mr. Money.....er, I mean Mr Allen. Those rules only apply to, you know, regular people."

We all get it, and aside from a little grumbling here and there, most MLS fans seem to be trying to be good sports about it all.

Then along comes INTELLECTUALLY INSULTING CRAPOLA LIKE THIS that makes it hard to bite your tongue.

Because, you see, it's not just that they're letting the SSS requirement slide for now. Not at all. Rather, this is a better idea, you see, a new and improved way of doing things.

Why, they even have a plan to "downsize" the stadium to make it more "intimate". Gosh all Hemlock - (smack self on forehead) - why didn't anyone think of that before?

And they'll be able to promote soccer games to the crowd at football games on ACTUAL BIG DISPLAY SCREENS! I can see it now - fans deserting their seats during the Seahawks-Chargers game in a mad rush to the ticket windows because they just saw an announcement about the upcoming Emerald FC-Kansas City soccer match.

Just be careful you don't get trampled.

Like I said, I don't mind so much that Seattle is being allowed to make up their own rules because there's a really rich guy involved; just don't feed me manure and tell me it's Peking Duck.