Ruud Boys Don't Cry, or, Rock 'n Roll Suicide

Via WVHooligan's blog:

This makes me smile. Landon, Martino, Steve Cronin, Alan Gordon and rookie Julian Valentin have formed a virtual band. Yeah, I know, I should be screaming at them to do three-a-days until they make the playoffs again, but they seem so gosh-darn happy.

The LA Galaxy blog, however, made a horrific error in judgment by asking for suggestions for a band name. Pretty sure "Spice Boys" has been taken, if not trademarked. And yes, I'm sure their first album will be called "Diver Down," especially if Ruiz plays keyboards.

I doubt I can control you, Gentle Reader, but I will politely ask that gaysmack be kept out of it. Yes, "Queen," ha ha. "Pansy Division," how droll. They could cover "In The Navy" - very witty. Come on, gang. Put more than eight seconds of thought into your choice.