Things I shouldn't care about but do

The MLS schedule is out, and I noticed something astounding. Every team got one game a week in September and October. Just the way God intended. Plenty of room for Open Cup games. Yes, the CONCACAF Champions League is still a bloated waste of time, but it could have been much worse. This is the second year in a row that the MLS schedulers pulled off a coup. They scheduled Beckham for every MLS market last year (wasn't their fault he got injured), and now they've actually balanced out the number of games in the home stretch. Nice work, guys. This MLS alcohol sponsor is for you.

A glass of warm Xango for whoever decided this shirt had to read C. Gomez, though. It should be just plain "Gomez." The other player with that surname is "Herculez", not "H. Gomez." We would have accepted "Christian" on the back of C. Gomez' jersey, as well. Come on, Colorado - if you can thumb your nose at the league by making your website open in a new window from the MLSnet page, then you can also thumb your nose at their archaic, barbaric, antiquated and fascist naming restrictions. Real Salt Lake had about five guys named "Brown" last year, so at least those of you who didn't order a personalized jersey last year now know what the period looks like in the outgoing MLS font. It's a square. Looks funny on my shirt, too.

I've previously remarked that the incoming MLS font is worse than SIDS, but I've also noted that we've seen the end of the gold numbering on Galaxy Spillover USA jerseys. The choices now are white, black, navy or red (via UniWatch). Which I don't agree with - sure, the gold was unreadable, but it looked good, and that's more important.