On Second Thought...No, It's Still a Bad Trade

As of three days before the Feast of St. Valentine, Rapids personnel generally favor the C. Gomez deal.

Galarcep begs to differ.

Galarcep may be playing dirty pool when bringing up the Adu deal. After all, it's pretty apparent by now that Freddy can actually play. Although if you're acquiring a player whose contract is expiring, you might wanna lock him down if you don't want to look - yeah, Ives is right, RSL were stupid last year.

So the Rapids seem to have learned from their enemy's mistake, and signed C. to a deal where the terms were, per MLS policy, terms were not disclosed. Pat Graham must have tied someone to a radiator and gotten them to talk, though.

A first round pick and "future considerations" for C. Gomez is a good deal. A first round pick and "future considerations" for the right to sign C. isn't such a good deal. Especially if those future considerations included the DP slot. Steven Goff said so, and Steven Goff is wrong so infrequently that it's churlish to even bring up the possibility. I understand the point of this reserve-clause crap is to prevent MLS teams from bidding against each other, but then why should the Rapids be punished because they wanted a guy that DC considers redundant? Aren't we all one big happy single entity?

A first round pick sounds about right, and that's only because the Rapids are so benighted on draft day that a first round pick in the hands of Colorado is worth what a fourth round pick would be to another team. Otherwise, I still detest the idea of trading first round picks. Even with the alleged flood of young talent choosing Scandinavia or DeVry over MLS, you should be able to get a player with immediate impact in the first few picks. If Colorado thought they were going to have the tenth or eleventh pick overall next year, that would be different. The Rapids apparently think they're going to be good this season, and, well, that's just adorable.

The DP slot - well, that's different. It's like Clavijo and the rest of the brain trust slept through last year, when Galaxy Spillover USA turned a potential MLS Cup appearance into Amado Guevara. You would have thought trading for aging former MVPs would have gone through at least a two-year moratorium, but the Rapids must know something I don't.

Trading BOTH the DP slot AND the first round pick for the privilege of talking to C.? Madness.

That said, will it be a good pick? I was all set to snark on Pablo Mastroeni saying this:

HA HA HA oh wait Valderrama had sixteen assists in his final season. And the Rapids made it to the semifinals that year.*

So the basic assumption may work. The larger problem is that, in theory, getting a player without giving up anyone in the core group is a great move for a team one step away from the championship. That, Colorado most certainly is not.

The other problem is that they may have given DC United the championship on a silver platter, or a heck of a good shot at it, depending on how they use their extra DP slot. If C. Gomez does roll up twenty goals and twenty assists and Colorado blows right by the West, then seeing a champion of the East with two DPs and knowing it was all their fault would rankle.

Oh, yeah. Shouldn't MLS fans have the right to know which DP slots have been sent where? I mean, besides taking Goff's word for it, gospel though it usually is? I've grown to love single entity as much as you have, but you simply don't see NFL or NBA teams refusing to tell its fans whether they're under the salary cap or not. Suppose some poor guy in Commerce City is all excited about the thought of seeing C. Gomez playing alongside a DP on the level of Angel or Denilson. Isn't it better for Colorado to break his heart now, rather than after they have his season ticket money? Oh, wait, what am I saying.

Then shouldn't there be provisions on the books to make sure that shenanigans aren't used to give teams like the Galaxy as many DPs as they can fit into a charter plane using a DP hidden ball trick? Oh, wait, I'm a Galaxy fan, this would benefit me. Never mind, carry on, Rapids. I wonder if the new DC United stadium will actually be named after Stan Kroenke.

*Lying with facts. The Rapids have made it to the semifinals something like fourteen times, each time with the same unwatchable team that they use to miss the playoffs. There is no difference between good Colorado teams and bad Colorado teams, except the week they mercifully decide to stop playing.**

**Perhaps the C. Gomez deal is an attempt to break the cycle of abuse, but I think this is like a college student trying to find direction in his life by switching his major from comparative religion to philosophy rather than, y'know, quitting getting high every freaking day. This footnote has been brought to you by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Live Above The Influence.