Things I'm supposed to care about for some reason

Proud to introduce a new feature here, "Things I'm Supposed To Care About For Some Reason."

This week is, of course, the English Premiership scheduling regular season matches in the United States. You'd think they'd have learned from the NFL going out of business when they did the same thing. Okay, the NHL has seen better days, fine, but it isn't because the Kings beat the Ducks in London.

I can't bring myself to link to anything moaning about it, except for Du Nord also laughing about other people moaning about it. In fact, if you're also laughing about the people moaning about it, let me know and I'll link to you, too.

While we're on the topic of apathy, I'm almost there with Michael Bradley. Yes, it's a wonderful story. Yes, he's single-handedly restoring the reputation of American soccer in Europe. Yes, it's the greatest soccer story since 2002. What I don't understand is why when he puts on a US shirt he can't even keep up with Bofo the Clown.

Maybe it's the opposite of nepotism - he just plays a lot worse when his dad is watching. He's the Michigan J. Frog of American soccer - everyone is screaming "You gotta see this guy!" and when he's in a Nats game, he just sits there and croaks. If you're trying to watch him score, then he can't. He can only score when unseen. Michael Bradley, Quantum Midfielder.

Maybe it was like a weird coming-out story gone wrong.

"Dad?....I think like scoring."
"It's just a phase."
"I'm serious, Dad. I...I think I'm a forward."
"Son, you're experimenting, that's all. We'll talk no more about this."

I can't figure it out, so I'm going to stop trying. Things that keep happening repeatedly, that are out of my control, and that don't harm or benefit me in one direction or another, are things I will just let flow over me.

Hey, the Rapids made another questionable trade? You don't say!