All About the Sons of Benjamins

Say what you want about Nick Sakiewicz, but you can't argue with his success.

Andy Jasner is wrong. Making jokes about Nick Sakiewicz is easy.

For instance, I happen to know that Mitt Romney is available. See? Topical.

Maybe third time is a charm. Maybe the guy just gives a really, really great job interview. Maybe he's learned a lot from running two separate teams straight into the sewer. Maybe the only other guy who applied was Giorgio Chinaglia.

Obviously this was the key selling point:

Edited because even in the Taurine Era, the capital S in MetroStars is Still Stupid.

During Sakiewicz's tenure with the Mutiny...hello, is this thing on?

I'm hoping this is actually true in a real sense, rather than being a function of following Charlie Stillitano and the rest of the Metro Media brain trust. A similar line of thinking saw Peter Wilt replaced in Chicago with John Guppy...another Metrostars veteran. The Fire haven't folded yet, they have their new stadium, and sure they miss the playoffs now and again and even have the occasional Open Cup upset, but hey, Blanco. Mediocre solvent teams trump failed good ones, even if by 2011 the Sons of Ben will be pleading "Bring back the Atoms! Not the team name, the actual Atoms players! Bob Rigby, where are you!"

I was going to title this "Don't Retread On Me," but I'll save that for our next national team coach drama, when Bora Milutinovic is rehired.