We don't have all the facts about the shooting after the game in Houston yet, but a couple of points should be made.

As a general rule - and I think I can speak for the entire American fanbase here - LEAVE THE GOD-DAMNED GUN AT HOME, YOU FREAKING SOCIOPATH. If you're that unstable after a draw, and you absolutely have to shoot someone over it, turn the thing on yourself. I'm going to make an executive decision right now. Hey, gunman. You're out of the fanbase. You don't get to cheer for the US anymore. Any objections? Didn't think so.

If anyone out there knows who this was, do me and the rest of American soccer a favor and turn this guy in. Don't give me this "snitching ain't cool" crap, either. Just because some guy's wearing the same shirt as you doesn't make him your brother. You know what, if you ever see me pull out a piece at the Home Depot Center and start blazing away at Real Salt Lake fans, you have my permission to rat me out, how's that?

Now, I realize I'm rushing to judgment. If they catch the guy, and it turns out he had a valid reason for shooting randomly into a crowd, then I'll apologize. But, as Blackadder said to Baldrick, he'd better make that explanation PHENOMENALLY good.

Second, and I'm rushing to judgment even worse on this, since the story is pretty fuzzy right now, but:

Any big-time rivalry sporting event has to have a police presence, the event promoter has to take responsibility for that, and the responsibility doesn't end at the turnstile. If the USSF is going to pocket the cute side of three million fish for this kind of game, they can hire a few more off-duty cops for after the match.

(Now, for all I know the USSF did, and Mr. Daniel was deluded. He sounds pretty sure, though.)

I wish Raul Edgar Belmon and Manuel Elgua a speedy recovery, although I'm pretty sure they'd trade my good wishes for not being shot in the first place.