Is it Possible to Draft TOO Well?

A lot of MLS fans look with envy at New England's success over the years at finding good players in the draft and wish their team was able to do the same.

Then there's DC. A quick glance at their roster shows only one player still around from any recent draft, and while I take a back seat to no one in my admiration for Rod Dyachenko, I'm not sure they need to be clearing space for him in Oneonta any time soon.

But this shortage of rostered draft picks doesn't really reflect bad draft selections; rather, it's more a reflection of picking guys who are so good that they have other options.

This years first pick, Andrew Jacobson, just signed with French First Division side FC Lorient. This comes on the heels of the announcement that their first pick from last year, Brian Arguez, who couldn't even get on the field with the first team, signed with Hertha Berlin on January 25 and made an appearance with the first team eight days later.

Arguez completed the clearing out of DC's 2007 draft class, following Jay Needham, who went to USL1 Puerto Rico for a lot more money than DC could afford, and GK Luis Robles, who chose to ply his trade with Kaiserslautern.

(OK, so they also drafted the immortal Brad North last year - nobody's perfect)

Some fans around the league are griping about the largely International lineup DC is assembling for the 2008 season. But it's not like they're not TRYING to bring in quality Americans. It's just that their quality American rookies can make more money elsewhere, and that's a problem you need to take up with Don Garber, not Tom Soehn.