Girls Behaving Badly

I have always maintained that soccer players are smarter than other athletes. Not that that's exactly a ringing endorsement of their intellectual prowess, but as a group soccer players, particularly college soccer players, are a pretty bright bunch.

So I'm having a hard time figuring out Chelsea White, a junior forward at Winthrop University in South Carolina.

According to press reports, she and some teammates threw one heck of a great party last weekend. So great, in fact, that the local police arrived around 2:45 AM to bust the thing up.

Now, reportedly a number of the attendees fled out the back door, jumped out of windows or otherwise made every effort to avoid spending the next few hours discussing the pros and cons of underage drinking with police, judges, lawyers, university officials and Mom and Dad.

But Chelsea took a unique approach: instead of trying to do a Houdini act, she alledgedly PADLOCKED HERSELF INTO A ROOM WITH FOUR KEGS OF BEER

Perhaps she thought that, given enough time, she could make the "evidence" disappear. Maybe she thought the police were there to steal the beer. Maybe she was the one who plunked down the deposit on the kegs and wanted to make sure she got it back.

Whatever the explanation, this may not have been the best solution to the problem, and she's now in some hot water over the whole thing.

And until someone can explain what she was trying to accomplish with this clever ploy, I may have to reexamine my "soccer players - brains" theory.