And I don't mean a postcard

Martin Vasquez is a terrific guy, and I'm glad he's getting shot at the big time. But I don't think it's really sunk in what a ringing endorsement this is. I don't know off the top of my head how many coaches Bayern Munchkin has hired who didn't even speak freaking German, but I'll bet that number ain't large.

Klinsmann's official coaching curriculum vitae is fairly thin, apart from the whole huge success in the World Cup thing. But he was pretty much the chief of staff in the Galaxy's shadow cabinet back when they were, y'know, winning games a lot. He's seen the whole roster of coaches passing through Los Angeles over the past decade, and he chose Vasquez.

I also hate to say that an assistant position anywhere is better than a head coaching position anywhere - down the road, we'll want to see Vasquez put in charge of something. That said, the USSF and MLS has taken a lot of flak for nickel and diming their coaching choices, something I don't think is a problem that faces Bayern. "Works cheap and fills out forms well" are qualifications that you would think they could find in Germany.

So unless Vasquez is a total lemon, which I don't see happening, you'll have to keep in mind when things like US National Team vacancies open up. Assuming Vasquez would take a pay cut. (This isn't anything against Bob Bradley, it's simply unusual for the same national team coach to last more than one World Cup cycle anymore.)

Also, I'm as happy that Europe is taking our young coaching talent as I am that they're taking our young playing talent. Exporting is good. More jobs for Americans. More opportunities for Americans. More encouragement for young Americans to take up association football. I just didn't think it would happen this quickly with coaches. What's next, referees?