Just Win, Baby

As with all major sporting events, the followup to Sunday's Superbowl has consisted of the endless, excruciatingly painful prattling of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of retired jocks and blow-dried sycophants with "broadcast journalism degrees" on the wall and few brain cells in their heads.

One thing this chattering class are outraged about is how churlish, rude and ungracious Bill Belicheck's behavior was in the aftermath of the game. They all agree that they've never seen anything like it before.

As soccer fans, we can only smile: maybe they haven't seen it before, but we have, in the person of one Bruce Arena. They're practically the same guy.

Guys like Belicheck and Arena get away with this "I'm smart, you're stupid, I tolerate you because I have to, but I just want you to know that I hold all of you in complete contempt" routine that they have both perfected as long as they win.

We smile knowingly, shake our heads and say "Oh, that's just Bruce/Bill being Bruce/Bill. Nothing to be done about it. They're geniuses, and that's how they are"

But this act falls with an enormous thud when they lose. Suddenly, it's not the understandable eccentricity of a genius any more, it's just some coach acting like a jerk.