Whiz Kid

So Andrea posted a clip with Antonio "Zinha" Naelson. You'd think someone who hadn't beaten their archrival since God was a boy would go easy with the Brazilian nicknames, but hey, the "ha" part is appropriate.

I love smack talk. Which brings us to Landon Donovan, the object of Naelson's impotent rage. As both victim and beneficiary of Donovan's achievements over his career, I was wondering why we hear so little trash talk from him in English as opposed to Castilian.

The Hammer's comment to the post, though, was a masterpiece - get on his case and tell him to blog more, it's been over a month.

That's not the whole story, though. Landon really does say "Mexico sucks!" after nearly every rivalry victory, something he almost never says about any other opponent. Dallas fans will remember a throat-slash gesture that nearly backfired horribly. Maybe Donovan has turned over a new leaf. But I don't remember "Galaxy sucks!" from his San Jose days, or even "Chivas USA sucks!" from 2005 onward. (Maybe because on the latter I was drowning him out.)

Assuming a positive result in Houston on Wednesday, it will be interesting to graph the gap between his pro-sportsmanship message on ESPN Deportes (cf. his "Don't discriminate" human rights message on MLS games last year) with the joy he tends to show after beating Mexico.

Ideally, I'd be able to track down what Donovan said after that Jalisco game, which ended up being one of the biggest embarrassments of his career. Two seconds of research on Google yielded nothing. It probably wasn't "Man, I gotta take a leak something fierce."