Soccer's Future Is Indoors

Mark Ziegler is annoyed that the Soccer Hall of Fame does not include indoor soccer.

In this argument's favor, indoor soccer carried the flag for the sport between the quick, ugly fall of the NASL and slow, ugly rise of the outdoor national team. On the other side, the Soccer Hall of Fame does not include foosball, Subbuteo or Calvinball, either.

Kenn Tomasch has this enlightening 1984 Inside Sports article up for historical purposes. Read (or re-read, as the case may be) for a helpful reminder. The rivalries between indoor and outdoor, specifically the NASL and the MISL, were bitter and mutually destructive. This differs from past and future American soccer rivalries in no way whatsoever.

Like, ouch. Foreman was an owner of the Washington Whips back in 1967, which had to be a fairly painful experience. He must have been so relieved to have hit what he thought was the pot of gold at the end of the soccer rainbow, and by the 1980's was given to saying things like "The US will never accept outdoor soccer because it's too European."

The tables turned in the 90's, of course. It was a matter of legitimate concern as to whether the Dallas Burn would be able to compete with the Dallas Sidekicks. The Sidekicks folded in 2004.

So that, in a nutshell, is why guys like Steve Zungul, Kevin Crow, Tatu and Preki (er....) will not be honored by the Soccer Hall of Fame for a while. If you need someone to hold a grudge for you, ask a soccer administrator.