I don’t think there’s a more important story in American soccer right now than the effort to keep the Crew franchise in Columbus.
[​IMG] A few days ago, one of the stranger managerial moves of recent times took place when it was announced that Chris...
Nothing says "Major, legitimate, world class sports league" like a nationally televised semi-final playoff game where everyone knows that the owner of one of the contenders - along with the commissioner of the league itself - is hoping his team...
Twenty some-odd years ago there were two bright young sports marketing executives toiling for the NFL; Roger Goodell and Don Garber. Everyone knows that they each ended up as the commissioner of a professional league; Goodell at the NFL...
Because you demanded it - the last part of the series!
MLS might not be tall enough for this ride.
Rejoice! We’re a real soccer nation now!
If the demand for American soccer was constant…well, we’d probably be talking about something else.
Promotion and relegation did not exist as a motivating factor for the players developed during the golden years of Brazilian soccer; they won three World Cups during that time.
A walking corpse is unnatural and unholy.